About Us



At Stark Originals, we are dedicated to creativity, quality, and our customers.

What is Stark?

We get this questions a lot. No, we don’t have a cousin named Tony (it would be cool though) and no…we aren’t from the north (who doesn’t want Dire wolf, am I right!?) Stark is actually our last name…it’s German and it means strong (awesome). The company was started by cousin, Nicole and Josh Stark. Nicole is the lead designer and Josh does whatever Nicole says. The company is also run by friends Tony (chief number cruncher), Ricky (sales), and Sara (sales/marketing). There is also Liz, Brendan, Cody, Mike, and Kyle who we would be lost without! We are all great friends who are passionate about what we do.

Do you guys make beer or what? we don't but, we appreciate those that do! We greatly appreciate all of the hard working brewers out there that bring us these tasty beverages.

We are a design and marketing company. Right now our big focus on craft beer inspired apparel. Our craft beer lifestyle brand is growing and we love to see people wearing our gear at their local brewery. We truly love the craft beer culture here in the Northeast.